Golden Retriever Puppy Training: Train Them Or They Will Train You

Friendly, energetic, playful, loving, eager to please, and highly intelligent. These are just a few of the adjectives that apply to Golden Retrievers. What these adjectives mean is that these dogs not only bond with their owners but, also makes them easy to train. However, Golden Retriever puppy training should begin early, before your dog has a chance to train you. Don’t think it can’t happen, it can and it does. These dogs like routine and knowing where they stand within a family and if you don’t set the boundaries for them, then they more than likely will establish their own.

There are three things these dogs need to be completely happy and well behaved. Routine, basic obedience training and early socialization.

Establishing a routine should begin the moment you bring your new pet home. He needs to know where his food dish is, where and when to sleep, and where to relieve himself. Because of this dog’s intelligence he will quickly learn the routine you expect him to follow as long as you are patient and consistent in your Golden Retriever puppy training.

Included in his routine should actually be times for obedience training and socialization. By incorporating everything into his routine your puppy will be better able to know what to expect and to follow any program you lay out for him. Obedience training should take place two or three times of the day and be of short duration usually 10 to 15 minutes at tops. The best time to practice obedience is right after your puppy has had play time and is calmer and is able to pay attention. An excited puppy who wants to play will find it difficult to concentrate and obey commands. golden retriever puppies colorado

Golden’s learn best through repetition and rewards. Affection and treats are both great rewards for successful Golden Retriever puppy training. Always try to end your training sessions on a positive note so that your puppy will look forward to the next training session.

Early socialization is also a must for this breed of dogs. While they are naturally friendly, socialization will help to bring out this trait and will avoid any anxiety issues that might develop later. Always remember that the more new situations your puppy is introduced to in the Golden Retriever puppy training, the better able he will be to deal with the new situations with calmness and acceptance.

It is essential that you start as you mean to go. If you are not going to let a full grown Golden Retriever on your sofa or bed than do not allow your puppy access to those areas. Always keep in mind that it is much easier training a puppy than it is to retrain a dog.

Potty breaking this breed of dog is relatively easy if you keep in mind that he needs to go out 15 or 20 minutes after eating, immediately after taking a nap and both before and after active play. Keep alert for signs that your puppy needs to relieve himself such as sniffing or walking in circles.


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