The Proper Maintenance of Custom Suits

Many people mistakenly believe that dry cleaning is the only way to care for custom suits. However, too much dry cleaning can actually be bad for your garments. Instead, there are a wide variety of other steps that you should take on a regular basis to keep your custom suit in tip-top shape.

Consider the following maintenance tips. If you do not perform these simple maintenance acts on a regular basis, you should begin as soon as possible to ensure the longest possible life for your suits:

• Use lint rollers. This is the simplest way to remove any lint, hair or dirt that might have gathered on your suit. It takes almost no time at all, and is a great way to make one final check that you’re looking your best before you slip on the suit and head out.

• Air out your suits. Before you put your suit back in the closet, let it air out for a while to get rid of any odor that may have accumulated in the fabric during use. Your closet doesn’t provide much fresh air, so take the time to ensure your suit gets the fresh air it needs beforehand. custom suits nj

• Use steam to remove creases. Consider taking a hot shower with the suit jacket and pants hanging up separately in the bathroom. The steam that comes out of the shower will help to remove any creases in the fabric.

• Do not keep items in the pockets. Make sure that the pockets in the suit pants and jacket are empty before hanging the suit back up in the closet. Leaving the pockets full could cause stresses and sags in the fabric.

• Use heavy hangers. The hangers for your suits should be heavy and well-padded so that your jacket maintains its appropriate shape.

• Use dry cleaning services sparingly. Generally, you should only dry clean your suit at the end of the season. Dry cleaning to often does more harm than good to the fabric in the long run, and you want your custom suit to last you as long as possible.

• Treat stains immediately. Use a reliable stain removal product to get rid of any stains on your suit as quickly as you can. Obviously it might not be possible to remove the stain right away at an event, but try to do it as soon as you get home.

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